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Infestacion: The Mythology Pre-order Sale

We are proud to announce that our baby, INFESTACIÓN, has finally come to fruition!

This has never been done before where a series has been collected in this manner- two different publishers working together on one tale. INFESTACIÓN or INFESTACIÓN: THE MYTHOLOGY, as it is now referred to, is a 372 page graphic novel that collects the highly sought after first 6 issues of INFESTACIÓN, the first 4 issues of HELL’S PASS and the one-shot ROAD TO NOWHERE along with extra stories, the origins of the INFESTACIÓN, pinups, series covers, and commentary by all the creators involved.


We are going to be premiering this monster of a graphic narrative at this autumn’s APE Expo October 17th & 18th 2009!

Not planning on going to the show? Not to worry, we’re going to have a special PRE-ORDER SALE so you can reserve your copy! We will be offering standard and international shipping. Simply email us at 656COMICS@GMAIL.COM or ADVERSARYCOMIX@GMAIL.COM with the subject ‘INFESTACION’ and we will get back to you with ordering instructions and all the info you need. Shipping of the books will begin late October. In addition to the graphic novel, we’ll be giving away a free 6x9 original sketch from one of the artists featured in the book!


Book Specs:
Hard cover with dust jacket, 6x9 (digest size), 372 pages, black and white.
Pre-order price: $30 (shipping not included)


INFESTACIÓN: THE MYTHOLOGY is a ground breaking graphic novel set on the border between Mexico (Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua) and the United States (El Paso, Texas), where a zombie plague has taken over both cities and all they have to survive is each other. A border that has now become one between life and death, or un-death.

This area is very conducive to this type of story because it plays on all the fears that we as a people have living in this part of the country. The borders, the different races, the traditions, the growing threat of violence, the land itself, we’re in the middle of a desert here where all we have is each other, but how can we trust one another if we fail to accept the differences we all have?

Of course, its all there, the racial tension, the problems that Chicanos, and Hispanics, and Mexican Americans have fitting in. we also have the social commentary in the form of how we are all separated by these silly social classes that make no sense, how we choose to separate our selves and subjugate our own people, because of our own fear of each other. We don’t know our neighbor, so we’ll keep him at arms length, but as soon as he turns into a zombie, you know who we’ll be putting a bullet into their heads at a moments notice!

Info en español muy pronto........Javi!!!

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