27 abr. 2009



The Christmas of Comics, to promote literacy and art through the medium of comics and to inspire thousands, nay, millions to get out and visit their local shops is upon us, MAY 2nd 2009!

This year, 656 Comics & Adversary Comix is doing something unheard of, unprecedented, and just really kick ass and cool! Nothing like this has ever been done before, so we've gotta set the trend and hopefully this will become the norm. with the recession in full effect it’s tough to get your books for a low price, but how does free sound, well we're gonna sweeten the deal even more as we present the first COMIC BOOK CD made in EL PASO, TX & CD. JUAREZ, MX!!!

The digital age is upon us, we download music and movies like mad, and comics are headed in the digital direction, major companies are seeing the trend and striking while the iron is hot, and since we at 656 & Adversary enjoy breaking borders, we’re throwing our hat in the ring as well!

We are giving away a CD with over 25 comics and previews in it. Yes you heard right! Why only get one or two free comics on FCBD, when you can get over 25!

We are mixing media and technology to bring to you just a sample of all the work that 656 Comics and Adversary Comics has put out!

Here is a sampling of what we'll be handling out on FCBD!

Free comics...

    El Valiente
    Los Meksmen #1
    Zombie Rider
    El Comiquero
    El Comiquero Verano
    Mar de Locura #1
    Las Chicas Clave #1-4
    8x8 Short Stories
    Terror infonavit, a 24 hour comic

...And the premiere of...

    A Year Without a Summer
    Double Edge

...And previews of...

    Battery Acid #1
    Karmesi #1-2
    Infestacion #1-2
    Infestacion: Hell's Pass #1-3
    Los Meksmen #2-3
    Guardian #1-3
    El Comiquero Otoño, Invierno & Primavera
    Dark Lizzy #0-1
    Jagged Fragment

The 656ADV SAMPLER CD will be given away at our signing
@ Dave's Comics located at
5360 N. Mesa St.
El Paso, TX 79912
(915) 875-8600

(Soon to be renamed Asylum Comics)

And on top of that, the CD will have a free sketch on the label! But wait that's not the best part, the best part is that even if you can't make it to El Paso to our signing to receive a CD, you can email us at adversarycomix@gmail.com and WE WILL SEND YOU A COPY FOR FREE!

If you can't make it to sunny El Paso, on May 2nd, our mistress in arms Christy Lou will be at the TEXAS FRIGHTMARE WEEKEND handing out our swag along with other coolness. Ms. Christy Lou is a beautiful ghoul and you can visit her at her myspace DOLLS AND DEAD THINGS and for more info on the TEXAS FRIGHTMARE WEEKEND

Visit her table and tell her 656 COMICS sent you and she'll hook you up!

So join us if you can and see what FREE COMIC BOOK DAY should be like, the 656/ADVERSARY way!

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